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The sharing of stories is a powerful way of getting to know people

Storytelling with purpose

Let us make your communication both more memorable and more impactful, enabling you to operate at your maximum potential.

Our business focussed, practical, interactive courses are designed to be applied immediately, aiming to:

  • Highlight why storytelling is such a powerful way to connect
  • Identify the types of stories you can tell in business
  • Enable the ability to be an effective storyteller and listener
  • How to structure a great story
  • How to weave your stories into your presentations
  • How to tell your story with impact so as to excite and engage your audience
  • Understand how to develop important story patterns for regular use
  • Develop a wide collection of stories to be used in suitable, different situations
  • Significantly increase ability to connect, inspire and influence teams, clients and partners

The course will help your team to:

  • Understand the power of stories in a business environment
  • Become better listeners and storytellers
  • Learn several story patterns they can use every day
  • Learn to start building a collection of stories that they can draw from in different situations
  • Improve leadership skills by learning how to engage, inspire and influence their teams, clients and partners
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Storytelling for Leaders

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